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Posted By Donna Hovey on 10.Nov.2014 in Brick Repair, Minor Brick Repairs, TuckPointing

TuckPointing This information is aimed at helping you to pinpoint problems with your brickwork on your home and learn what needs to happen in order to fix them. Improper brick maintenance will allow moisture and air to enter into the
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Wall/Window/Door Openings and Closures:

Posted By Donna Hovey on 26.Sep.2014 in Brick Repair, Masonry Openings

Why change openings or closures? During renovations windows and door openings can be added, eliminated, increased or decreased in size to suit the project requirements. Once the infill dries the work dust can be washed off leaving it looking untouched. Maybe you are
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Your rights when starting home renovatoins or repairs

Posted By Donna Hovey on 25.Jul.2014 in Brick Repair, Chimney Caps, Chimney Repair, Minor Brick Repairs, Spalled Brick Repair

Your rights when starting home renovations or repairs Help protect yourself and your home by knowing what your rights are before starting a home renovation. Your home is your biggest investment, learn how to hire a reliable contractor and see
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Signs that Indicate the Need for Chimney Repair Or Rebuild

Posted By Donna Hovey on 03.Jun.2014 in Brick Repair, Chimney Repair, Spalled Brick Repair

The average homeowner, are unfamiliar with construction and building techniques, it can be difficult for most to tell if and when chimney repair is required. Which is why we’re going to talk you through a few of the main signs
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What is Spalling?

Posted By Donna Hovey on 13.May.2014 in Brick Repair, Spalled Brick Repair

Definition: Spalling is a result of water entering brick, concrete or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel, pop out or flake off. This is because there is moisture in the concrete. In basements, especially, moisture and often salt,
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Posted By Donna Hovey on 17.Oct.2012 in Chimney Repair

Most people don’t realize that a well-built chimney is much more important than a stove, or fireplace. The main function of a chimney is to create draft for combustion and to transport the flue gases and toxins out and away
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Natural Stone Restoration

Posted By Donna Hovey on 26.Jun.2012 in Chimney Repair

Natural Stone Chimney Restoration The top portion of this beautiful old chimney was not structurally sound.  We delicately tore the chimney down to the roofline laying out the stone in a pattern that would be easily to re-assemble. Once the
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Fixing Minor Masonry Deficiencies

Posted By Donna Hovey on 17.Nov.2011 in Brick Repair, Minor Brick Repairs

Addressing minor masonry repairs can save you from extensive & costly repairs in the future.  Masonry deteroration is caused by water & moisture wicking into the masonry units. The freeze-thaw cycle cause the brick to spall (rot).

Introducing Chameleon Masonry Restoration’s Blog

Posted By Donna Hovey on 12.Jul.2011 in Brick Repair

Welcome to Chameleon Masonry Restoration’s Blog We’ve added this feature to our web presence to be better able to keep you up to date with our current projects and to share with you some of the great photos of our
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