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Posted By Donna Hovey on 17.Oct.2012 in Chimney Repair

Most people don’t realize that a well-built chimney is much more important than a stove, or fireplace. The main function of a chimney is to create draft for combustion and to transport the flue gases and toxins out and away from the occupants.  So as you can see it’s important to have a properly functioning chimney but if you find that the smoke from your stove or fireplace seeps into the room- the first place to look is your chimney because it most likely is deteriorating. Also lower heating efficiencies can also often be traced back to poor chimney draft. 90% of all wood burning problems can be traced to deterioration with the chimney.

A chimney functions by

1) Carrying the undesirable products of combustion (smoke) out of your home;

2) To supply the draft (pressure) to feed air to the fire.

We all know that hot air rises, while it is rising it is creating the “draft”.  The draft is simply a product of the hot air rising. Therefore, the taller the chimney the more draft. The draft can also be affected by *a  dirty chimney, a chimney with multiple or severe offsets or a damaged flue liner.  It’s important to inspect your chimney because it will only deteriorate more and cause more problems and affect the overall heating capabilities of your home. Check your chimney now and if you require repairs or advice call Chameleon Masonry Restoration to make it right 705-725-8378 or www.chameleonmasonry.com

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