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Chameleon Masonry

Christ Church A.

Re: Mr. Jesse Dinan, Chameleon Masonry Restoration

We hired Mr. Jesse Dinan and his company, Chameleon Masonry Restoration, to restore some of the brickwork on our 160-year-old church building. We received a reference for this company from a previous client who was pleased with the restoration done on his Century home.

The work done on our church by Chameleon Masonry was excellent. They did a good job matching the original brick, colour-matching the original mortar, and removing and replacing the damaged/weathered bricks. They finished the contracted work right on time. The workers were very pleasant and professional. After the job was finished the job site was left very clean. We would recommend this company.

The wardens of Christ Church, Bolton & the Rev Riscylla Shaw, Incumbent

RE: 121 Mulcaster Chameleon Masonry Restoration

Hello Jesse,

I drove down to Barrie and was blown away by the work of you and your crew! Everything looked wonderful and we are very happy with the quality of workmanship.

Thank you for taking on the project and for getting in down so beautifully and expediently!

Jen M.

We used Chameleon Masonry for our chimney repair and I am so glad we did. They were professional and prompt, and took the time to explain all the details. In a language I could understand. Not only does my chimney look great, but they did it on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Jesse and his crew for quality work and excellent customer service.

Jennifer F.

In a world of good, better and best, Chameleon Masonry provided me the best in quality, workmanship, professionalism and service at a price that was better than most of their competitors.

Their attention to detail from the quote, the pre-work, the completion on the task at hand and the finishing touches gave me confidence throughout the entire renovation process.


In a word the new fireplace is stunning, and certainly WAY beyond my expectations.

Shawn is a true craftsman, and it is an honor to have such workmanship in our home.

Things happen for a reason and I sure am glad that the delay and frustration of this Fireplace allowed your company to handle the project!! It is well worth waiting for.

Thanks again,
Jeff H

Thank you for your work. The chimney looks great and the window sill joints look much neater.

Jeff & Lori